Ready to start changing your life, for real?

Who doesn't want to change their life in some way?

Using the Life Editing Formula, you'll be able to take a balanced, incrmental, and highly impactful, no-fluff approach to making your life what you want.

Here's how you create your ideal life:

  • Start with your goals - so you know where you want to be
  • Eliminating distractions and unnecessary decisions from your life
  • Automate what you can, so you can make progress on your goals without resistance
  • Create sustainable habits to support your goals
  • Delegate what you can't do, because no one can do it all!
  • Protect your wellbeing, goals, and habits with healthy boundaries

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

People like you who have struggled to make sustainable changes in their life and want something different from the "one size fits all" promises that a single habit, book, or product can magically solve all of your problems.

How will this course help me? I've done a lot of self help stuff before that didn't work.

I totally get it. I've done a lot of self-help things that didn't work for me either because none of them were quite right. I've found that by focusing on a holistic approach that considers everything from what you're already including in your life, to what you want to be doing, and what you're sick and tired of, you can create your ideal life one step at a time.

How long will it take to create my ideal life?


Okay, just kidding -sort of. Designing and creating your ideal life is a bit like bathing, decluttering, or nourishing your body. It's an ongoing process, not a one-time event.

As you change and evolve, what you want will change, so the process will look different. Ebb and flow is the one consistent thing when it comes to your life, so it's natural that what is "ideal" will flex and change as you need it to. The good news is, this course can evolve and grow with you.